Orphaned SSH shells after X crashes

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I'm looking for a rock solid way of determining which SSH sessions are
actually orphaned after an X lockup. I've been tasked to come up with
a way to determine which ssh sessions are actually currently valid and
which are orphaned. I was thinking of trying to rip the info out with
lsof, but i am not having much luck with finding something the valid
open sessions have that the orphaned ones don't, or vice versa. I
would like to scriot and cron this cleanup to run every 10 minutes, as
the open and orphaned ssh shells have this nasty side effect of
keeping our keys intatct until we go in and manually kill them. I'm
wondering if there is a way to associate the sshd processes that have
a pty attached to them (valid open ssh tunnel) and their attached
ssh-agent process.


Re: Orphaned SSH shells after X crashes

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If you're using OpenSSH, maybe ClientAliveInterval would help?

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