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Yup yet another newbie, so if I missed this or misunderstood what I
read, please accept my appologies.

I have gotten openssh to work through a natting router to a system on my
lan. The correct port is forwarded from the router to a linux box
running sshd. The X11 forwarding appears to work from the ssh server to
the client. From this setup I'm able to rlogin and get shell access to
another system of interest on my lan.

What I'd like to know, is it possible to run an Xapp there and display
it on the client outside the router? When I run a Xapp on the ssh
server, DISPLAY is set to localhost:10.0. I tried setting DISPLAY on the
app server to sshserver:10.0, but no joy.

Is this doable and what does it take?


Note: If this is a crazy idea explanations along with the rants are

Note: the app server is an oooolllllddd sunOS 4.1.4 machine and it's a
pain to get anything new to work there.

Re: openssh & X11

Gary Armstrong  <> wrote:
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Yes, but it will take some setting up.  First, set "X11UseLocalhost no"
in the SSH server's sshd_config and restart sshd.

Next, log back in via SSH and do "echo $DISPLAY", you should find that
it's something like "hostname:10".

Now you need to find the matching xauth key for that display.  You should
be able to do something like "xauth nextract - $DISPLAY" (this may depend
on your X libraries), and merge this into your SunOS box's xauth file.

You can probably string this together with something like this on your
SSH server (untested):

$ xauth nextract - $DISPLAY | \
  rsh sunosbox "xauth nmerge -; DISPLAY=$DISPLAY xterm"

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OpenSSH -current is known to build on SunOS 4.1.2 (at least, it did a
couple of months back) and there's a patch for 3.7.1p2 here:

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