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I'm trying to diagnose a problem that started recently with dynamic port
forwarding through an openssh server running on my home pc. I'm running
ssh -D on a client using it as a socks5 proxy, connecting to the sshd
server on my home PC. Recently the tunnel started hanging then dropping,
but only when accessing my pop3 email over the tunnel. Accessing usenet
NG's over the same tunnel/proxy is not a problem. I thought I could use
the logs to determine what was going on but can't find them. Where are
they located? All I've found is a a couple of files (wtmp and lastlog)
in /var/log but these are both binary files and I'm not sure how to read
them, or even if they are the files I need to be looking at.

The platform on the sshd server is Windows XP, and cygwin.


Re: openssh sshd log files


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By default, cygwin sshd logs to the windows event log.
You find it under
Start Menu - Accessories - Administration - Event Viewer
(well that's my translation into English, I don't know how these are
acutally named in an English Windows)


Wilfried Hennings
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Re: openssh sshd log files

Wilfried wrote:
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Thanks. The strange thing is the hangs went away as mysteriously as they
started. I'm mostly using copssh (minimal cygwin + ssh) as a port
forwarding server for personal email and usenet access while at work.
I'm beginning to wonder if there was something in an email message that
perhaps my virus scanner on the copssh machine was blocking. It's hard
to say because there's nothing pertinent to the hands in either the
event viewer (ssh) or the av log files.

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