OpenSSH on Windows fails passphrase

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I have installed OpenSSH for Windows on a W2k and an XP machine.  

create a key on W2k machine with a passphrase.  I can load that key an
change the passphrase ok on the same machine. :)
If I transfer the key to the XP machine, the passphrase is NO
accepted.  The config files are identical.  If I transfer the ke
without any passphrase to the XP machine, a passphrase is expected an
entering a null passphrase is not accepted either. :( I can, however
create a key on the XP with a passphrase and access it on the sam
The problem is the W2k is our development machine, and an XP machin
will be the final destination.  I have already generated a key on th
W2k and provided the public key to the company holding the server.
Unfortunately they have clammed up on giving us any help, even the
stand to gain another customer when we can get this working!:confused

I am testing the key by running the agent and adding the key:
ssh-agent ssh-add KEYFILE
I get the same results by connecting to the FTP site with ssh using th
key.  The passphrase fails.
Why does the key not work when transferred to a different PC

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