openssh on os400 or aix

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i ned openssh compiled for aix, because i want run run it on AS400.
I'll try to compile it on AS400 with gcc 3.4.3 for aix, but i have not
found instruction on how to compile openssl.
Are you be able to send me further documentation?

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Re: openssh on os400 or aix

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AS/400's (running OS/400, presumably) can run AIX binaries?  News to me
(but then my experience with AS/400's extends only as far as "I maybe
walked past one once" :-). Or did you mean "RS/6000"?

Anyway, for precompiled OpenSSH packages for AIX in lpp/bff format:

* IBM offer them, formerly at IBM DeveloperWorks, now Sourceforge:

* Bullfreeware offer some (although from a quick glance the versions are
somewhat old): /

Both of those will require that you install some prerequisite packages
(openssl and zlib packages from different sources, and possibly prngd).

* Last, and quite probably least, I offer prebuilt packages with the
dependancies built-in:

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It's not hard: unpack the openssl tarball, then:
$ ./config && make && make tests

If all goes well, you can then do a "make install".

That said, I've seen some problems with OpenSSH linked against recent
OpenSSL versions (> 0.9.7e), built with the default gcc configuration
(ie ./Configure aix-gcc) on AIX 4.x.  I haven't pinpointed the cause.

It shows up as a regress failure during "make tests" in OpenSSH, and
seems to affect SSHv1 RSA operations.

I have had success with the following OpenSSL configure incantation:

$ ./Configure "aix-gcc:gcc -DOPENSSL_SYSNAME_AIX -DDSO_DLFCN \

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Re: openssh on os400 or aix

Darren Tucker ha scritto:
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Thank you, more.

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