openssh for win32

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I set it up (twice due to an unexpected electromagnetisation of my HDD :-P )
on my Windows XP pc in order to use sftp. It's been going nicely for some
time now. However, when I use a proper secure shell, there are several
    - I can't use tab, arrow keys, or backspace - these send the character
code to the shell, as opposed to an actual backspace.
    - I can't use psudo-GUI programs, such as the lynx/links web browser
    - You need three things for a list.

Is this a problem that I can sort, or is it a problem with the sshd?

I have XP pro version 5.01.2600, OpenSSH for Windows v3.5p1-3, and have
tried using putty (latest release and latest beta release) and the ssh
client that comes with OpenSSH.

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