OpenSSH (Cygwin/Copssh install) sessions not dying and staying open...

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Hi all,

I'm using a Cygwin distribution of OpenSSH server packaged by ITeFiX as

As per my posts on ITeFiX:
... and my post to cygwin list:

... haven't got any joy yet, so I figure trying a list that's more
OpenSSH specific might help.

What seems to be happening is that eventually after a few hours, all
connections are exhausted (Ie. hits default limit of ten) and
additional connections are refused.

Checking netstat on the machine shows no active SSH connections open..
Checking taskmgr/tasklist shows several copies of sshd.exe running..
Running a taskkill /f /im sshd.exe and then restarting the service
   seems to fix it momentarily..

The above URLs have some exerpts of the event viewer output (cygwin
version of copssh redirects its output to the Windows Event Viewer

Does it sound like malware?
A cygwin peculiarity?
Perhaps something in copssh?
What additional debugging should I do?

Suggestions welcome :)

One person has suggested that I consider perhaps using OpenSSH under
Interix instead of Cygwin on windows, but I'd be hoping someone's done
something pre-packaged here, rather than having to go the source
compilation route on each machine.

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