OpenSSH can mess up Linux-PAM's pam_access

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I have found out, that if attacker can fake forward and reverse DNS
lookups, then pam_access can think the attacker is connected from
somewhere else (e.g. from priviledge host).

Let's have these steps:

1. /etc/security/access.conf at victim's server:
    -:root:ALL EXCEPT
    and /etc/pam.d/sshd contains:
    account    required
2. attacker connect's from to the server
3. sshd does gethostbyaddr("")
4. attacker response "localhost."
5. sshd does gethostbyname("localhost.")
6. attacker response ""
7. sshd finds out DNS check passed and sets PAM_RHOST to "localhost"
8. sshd invokes PAM authentication proccess via pam_authenticate()
9. libpam invokes indirectely match_from() in
10. match_from() does gethostbyname("localhost")
11. match_from() recives properly ""
12. match_from() found match in /etc/security/access.conf
13. and finaly pam_access returns PAM_SUCCESS

Proposed fix: sshd should always put rhost IP address to the PAM.
pam_access is vulnerable only if config file contains domain names. On
the other hand configuration based on IP addresses is resistent.

--Petr Pisar

Re: OpenSSH can mess up Linux-PAM's pam_access

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

XSSO says that PAM_RHOST is "The remote host name."  You can make sshd
use an IP address by setting "UseDNS no" in sshd_config.

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The underlying problem is that the configuration is using an untrusted
source of data (ie DNS) for authentication decisions.

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