OpenSSH 3.7p1 and NIS+ problems

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We have installed OpenSSH 3.7p1 on a Solaris 8 cluster that's using
NIS+. I have noticed immediately the following problem. The password
authentication does not work any more when I am trying to login to
machines where all of these are true:

1. I have run "keylogout" before logging out the last time.
2. The machine is not in the NIS+ admin group.
3. The ChallengeResponseAuthentication option is disabled.

My understanding was that ChallengeResponseAuthentication is only
useful for S/key so I tended to always turn it off. Password
authentication works fine with "ChallengeResponseAuthentication on"
but some Windows users reported that now they have to click through
some additional prompts. What's going on? Is anyone else having this
problem? I suspect this is an openssh bug.


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