OpenSSH 3.6.1p1 adding CRs, hurting CVS client/server communications

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Hey folks...currently using OpenSSH under CygWin on an XP box to communicate
with a CVS server on a Linux box.  Recently upgraded OpenSSH to v3.6.1p1
(the latest available under CygWin), and now CVS client/server
communications don't work.

I've tracked the problem to what I think (by process of elimination) is a
new "feature" in OpenSSH whereby it converts LF to CR+LF line terminators.
This pretty much hoses client/server communications, as the SSH server
interprets all incoming lines as byte strings including a CR at the
end...especially bad for pathname interpretation, but lots of other things
may be affected as well.  I've tried altering the SSH server code to eat the
extra CRs, but too many other things are broken (including file data
exchange I'd bet...can't tell which CRs are valid and which are inserted by
SSH) for that to be effective.

Does this sound like a correct interpretation?  I upgraded CVS as well, but
based on my testing, I don't think CVS itself is adding the CRs.  I've
posted a bug report to the OpenSSH Bugzilla database...not sure what else to
do right now but do without version control for a bit...any better ideas?

- Toscani

Re: OpenSSH 3.6.1p1 adding CRs, hurting CVS client/server communications

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I don't think OpenSSH has any such behavior -- if you think it does,
perhaps you could find it in the source code.  I think it's more likely
that your Cygwin setup is somehow doing this, since Cygwin can do
automatic Unix/DOS end-of-line conversion as part of its operation.  There
are even known issues with this and CVS; see:

... although this doesn't sound like your particular problem.

In any event, I can't replicate this behavior.  I just installed Cygwin on
an XP box, compiled OpenSSH-3.6.1p2, and used the ssh client to do CVS to
a Linux box -- no problems.

  Richard Silverman

Re: OpenSSH 3.6.1p1 adding CRs, hurting CVS client/server communications

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... snip ...

You're probably right, since my CygWin update included more than just CVS.
I got a similar response from the OpenSSH folks.  And now that I reconsider,
SSH is pretty unlikely to try munging the data stream this way, given its
function.  Anyway, I'm pursuing an answer in the CygWin world now.  Sorry
for the bother...I made a wrong turn somewhere along my thought process. :-)

- Toscani

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