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I have a question about tunnels in putty.
What I want to do is to open a ssh session to PC A from PC B.
PC B should open a tunnel to PC C, which is in a network, which can
only accessed from PC B.
Since PC A canīt connect to PC B directly, PC B has to initialize the
connection. Is this possible?
A simple Remote Port tunnel does not solve this problem, if I understood

That is how I think it should work:

PC A is
PC B is
PC C is

PC B has as route to PC A and PC B. The firewall denies access to PC B from but allows outgoing connections.

I need a connection on port 3690 to PC C.

If a connection from PC A to PC B would have been allowed, this would work:
ssh -L 3690: -l root from PC A

So is there a chance to have an indirect tunnel?

Thanks for any advises

Re: Open a remote tunnel

Am Sat, 5 Aug 2006 16:54:10 +0200 schrieb Stefan Kuhn:

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Okay, sorry Iīve got it. It is indeed the switch -R make it work.

So the right command looks like:

From PC B
ssh -R 3690:

Now I can connect from PC A with localhost:3690 and everything works fine.

Oh what a fine day ;-)


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