Noticed a behavioral difference in plink 0.53b and plink 0.54 -- unwanted command executio...

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I'm posting this here because I'm hoping I save someone some time on
the same problem I was having.

In 0.53b, this command worked ...

"C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe" -load session machine.domain.tld -l
username -pw password -batch -T

plink.exe would connect to machine.domain.tld, authenticate with my
username and password, and load the tunnels I wanted as specified in

After upgrading to 0.54, this exact command would fail at a password
prompt for user "".  After much experimentation, I found that removing
machine.domain.tld from the line restored the desired pre-upgrade
behavior.  I also found (using -v) that removing the -batch parameter
would allow me to input a password (as expected) and see that plink
was attempting to execute a command by the name of
"machine.domain.tld" on the destination machine (not expected).
Seemingly, in 0.54, you can have -load session or a machinename/IP but
not both.

Hopefully this helps someone.

-- Robb

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