NNTP for comp.security.ssh?

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Hi all,

This may be obvious but i'm trying to set up an newsqroup account in my
Outlook express and would like to find out the name of the internet
news (NNTP) server for this group?

Thank you and hope to hear from you very soon...


Re: NNTP for comp.security.ssh?

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There's no such thing as *the* NNTP server for any given group.

Groups under the major hierarchies (comp.*, sci.*, rec.*, etc.) should
be carried by most NNTP servers.  Finding one you can use isn't really
topical, but a good place to start would be check with your ISP.

Failing that, you may be able to find a news server to which you can
subscribe, but this isn't the place to ask about it.

Failing that, you can always use groups.google.com, as long as you
work around the flaws in its interface.  The biggest is its failure to
post proper followups in the default mode.

If you want to post a followup via groups.google.com, don't use
the broken "Reply" link at the bottom of the article.  Click on
"show options" at the top of the article, then click on the
"Reply" at the bottom of the article headers.

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