newsgroup port forward through putty help desperately needed

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Well I just found out that my isp, in all of their wisdom, will limit
the speeds even on my PAY newserver account!!!!!!!  I honestly dont
know how, but I have tried different ports that my pay provider told
me too, and the speed has not changed.  I am limited to around

My question - and please answer like I am an idiot, because it seems
like i am at this port stuff for some reason - how can I set up a
tunnel through Putty to get to my pay news provider and get the speeds
that I am paying for through them?   I have tried ports 119,25,80 and
all seem to give me the same speed through agent or newsbin.  I just
dont know how to set it up, and was hoping someone here would be able
to provide assistance.

I thought I would have to enter my news server into putty somewhere,
but I dont even see where to do it.  I tried the FAQ, and the help,
but nothing says about setting up to get to a news server...

I would appreciate any help available.

Thank You

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