newbie: rh9+sshd forward port to a news server to access news?

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Here is what I want to do
        read news off my ISP's news server from work

The problem:
        the news server only allows access from the ISP's address

After setting up my rh9 machine with sshd, I imagine I should be able
to do the following:

  (work)                 (home)                      (isp)
   ssh ------------------ sshd -------------------- nntp server

but being a newbie to ssh, I am not sure what needs to be setup at my
home machine. Appreciate pointers, suggestions.

Since this is the hammer I have, maybe I am turning this problem into
a nail. If there are other "right" ways to do it, please also suggest.

ps. efficiencty is not a concern for me, since the news group I am
trying to access are those text groups with small articles.



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