newbie: cross-compiling openssh 4.3p2

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Please advise if this is the wrong group to be posting in.

I'm cross-compiling openssh 4.3p2, and everything other than scp seems
to be working beautifully.  scp however insists on looking for ssh at
/project/hsi/fs/bin/ssh, a path related to the build directory, even
though both executables live in /usr/local/bin on the target system.
I've read through `configure --help` to try to figure out how I might
coax scp to look elsewhere, but I'm afraid I'm stumped.  Any comments
would be appreciated.  I configure with the following script:


export FS_DIR=/project/hsi/fs
export ROOT_DIR=$
export USR_LOCAL_DIR=$/usr/local
export POWERPC_405_LINUX_DIR=/project/hsi/powerpc-405-linux

export CC="$gcc"
export CFLAGS=""
export LDFLAGS="-L$/lib
-L$/lib -L$/lib -L$/lib"
export CPPFLAGS="-I$/include
-I$/include -I$/include"
export CPP="$ -E"

# invoke the configuration script
configure --prefix=$ --exec-prefix=$
--build i686-pc-linux-gnu --host powerpc-405-linux-gnu --disable-strip

Re: newbie: cross-compiling openssh 4.3p2

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After poking around, I found out that I can set DESTDIR in
to control where `make install` writes things, and use the desired
/usr/local for prefix in configure.  It does look like there's some kind
of fake root support through, but that script looks like
more than I care to read through at the moment.

Still if anybody else has done similar builds, I'd be interested in
hearing what you did.

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