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I'm not a networking guy, so pardon my ignorance etc. (lick lick,
grovel grovel).

I'm in a censored country going through a government-controlled proxy
server.  Please don't laugh.

I can use https w/ no problem.  What they can't see doesn't hurt them.

I'm assuming that port forwarding is a realistic way to secure all my

Question:  Do I need authorized access (such as an account) on an SSH
server, or can I use SSH with any web server?  I've tried a handful of
SSH programs but can't figure out how to set them up to connect to
anything.  It's all just a bit over my head.


Re: newb humbly seeks advice

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SSH is unrelated to web servers, http and https.  So no, you can't
"use SSH with any web server" at least not directly.

If you did have an account on an SSH server that you could reach you
could do encrypted port forwarding (including http, but not specific
to http).

Or you might find a HTTPS server to do your forwarding (in which case
you wouldn't be discussing it here).

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