New GSSAPI implementation

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My name is Brian Pence and I'm the author of an SSH package called
'AbsoluteTelnet'.  In my most recent version, I've implemented the
gssapi-keyex and gssapi-wih-mic authentication algorithms, and I'm looking
for complex environments in which to test them.  I've tested them against
OpenSSH4.3 and Kerberos5, but I know there are more diverse environments
(ActiveDirectory) that I am not able to reproduce or test.  Heck, I had a
hard enough time setting up my KDC and getting OpenSSH and Windows XP to
both use it!!

Do any of you have SSH servers that support GSSAPI?  Would you be willing
to try my client in your environment?  I'd really appreciate any feedback
I could get plus any suggestions for additional options for GSSAPI

Other things new in this version:

  1. Tabbed Interface (very cool)
  2. IPV6
  3. Support for text in RTL reading order

Other things you might be interested in that were already
   implemented in prior versions:

  1.  Authentication: Smartcard, publickey, keyboard-interactive, passwd
  2.  Port forwarding, X11 forwarding
  3.  Encryption: Twofish-256-cbc, blowfish, 3des, aes-256-cbc, arcfour,
       cast128, aes-128-cbc, twofish-128-cbc
  4.  Terminal types: xterm, vt100, vt220, vt320, wyse60, SCOANSI,
      ansibbs, qnx
  5.  Fully Unicode enabled and IME aware.
  6.  Support for UTF8, ISO8859-xx, WIN12XX, CP437 as well as several
      Chinese, Japanese, and Korean  character encodings
  7.  Xmodem, Ymodem, ZModem file transfer
  8.  Variable size scrollback
  9.  Passthru printing
  10. Connection types: telnet, ssh1, ssh2, dialup, serial
  11. IDNA (International Domain Names for Applications)
  12. SOCKS proxy
  13. English UI (default) with Chinese UI optional.
  14. Even a kitchen sink   ;-)

In case you care to try it, you can grab it here:

I'm most interested in hearing comments from anyone who can test the
GSSAPI functionality, but I'd love to hear anyone's comments on any new or
existing features.

I know a lot of you here are Putty and OpenSSH users, but I thought I'd

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Brian Pence
Celestial Software

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