Network Is Down - Undocumented Error with Putty/Plink?

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Apologies for this strange post, I'm not sure its in the right place
but I'm really struggling with my google-foo to find the documentation
on what is going on.

The situation is that we have an employee with an Windows XP-64 box
with the latest Tortoise64 release and  trying to do svn+ssh to the
office machine which will allow them to code from home.

On their borrowed 32 bit machine on the same network, everything works
fine - the connection can be established and SVN works fine over it
(using paegent for the key holding). I believe that Putty itself is
fine ssh'ing to the box from both the 32 bit and 64bit machine.

However, when using the tortoise64 the error inside of a TortoisePlink
titled screen is:

"Unable to open connection: Network Error: Network is down"

Now google is not having much fun finding documents which match that -
looking through, the only confirmed links I can find is that the error
"Network is down" seems to be returned in plink.c but I just don't
really know if this is a problem caused by Tortoise's version or if its
a general plink error. I also can't find anything on the putty website
or related problems with the "network is down" error message.

The first question is, as always, what am I doing stupid [this time]?


Re: Network Is Down - Undocumented Error with Putty/Plink?

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The error is PuTTY's translation of the Windows error code WSAENETDOWN,
which might be a better Google search term.

Microsoft document this error as follows:

  WSAENETDOWN  10050  
  Network is down.
      A socket operation encountered a dead network. This could indicate a
      serious failure of the network system (that is, the protocol stack
      that the Windows Sockets DLL runs over), the network interface, or
      the local network itself.

Re: Network Is Down - Undocumented Error with Putty/Plink?

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Fully agreed - the source itself shows that. The thing is I don't see
how - The machine is connected to a LAN which has a gateway onto the
WAN. It has perfectly good network connectivity it being able to browse
the web, ping people, ssh (using putty itself), do things with TCP and
UDP - Thats whats so confusing.

Could it be that the machine has more then one network connection
(which it does) that the other network conenctions are down (which they
are) and plink is trying to use the wrong network connection. I dont
understand why it would, or even how to control that ability?


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