Need information about SSH and OpenSSH

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Hello there,
I am about to buy a dedicated server but I have never had a one (I have
done everything locally since now). They main problem is one of my friends
told me that I have to use OpenSSH rather then telnet because its more

I have never used ssh before. I dont know how it works and how can I
connect to shhd. I have searched net a bit but I still have some

How can I connect to sshd, is there a any program or telnet still works
with it.

What can i do with it that telnet cant do? Those are my questions  they
might be stupit or sense like asked with out logic. It would be very good
if you could answer those questions or just give me some links where can i
find answers.
Thank you so much.
Tayfun zdemir.

Re: Need information about SSH and OpenSSH

Tayfun zdemir wrote:

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SSH is a protocol that *replaces* telnet and rsh. The OpenSSH and other
server versions of SSH come with clients automatically, usually called
"ssh". Read the manual page to learn more about it.

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SSH encrypts the connection, can authenticate the users with a personal
key to avoid having to type passwords every time, can directly do file
copies with the "scp" command, and can authenticate the host you connect
to and from to prevent people from trying to fake out your machines with
their own replacement machines, and can support "rsync" use over a
safely encrypted channel as well.

Hit the web pages at, they'll explain more.

Re: Need information about SSH and OpenSSH

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Thank you so much.
I am sorry for the fonts. I am on winbox now :-((.
Tayfun zdemir.

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