multiple users sharing ssh_host keys on winxp

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I just got my sshd working for a user on winxp, problem is that my
username has a "space" in it so it causes problems when i try to ssh
into my acct.  my username is : Joanna Ho

So, i created a new user w/ no spaces w/ administrative priveleges just
like my user mentioned above so that i can ssh into this user called

in "joanna" when i type:

/usr/sbin/sshd.exe i get:

could not load host key: /etc/ssh_host_key
could not load host key:/etc/ssh_host_rsa_key
could not load host key:/etc/ssh_host_dsa_key
disabling protocol version 1. could not load host key
disabling protocol version 2. could not load host key
sshd: no hostkeys available -- exiting

i tried changing my permissions of my ssh_host_keys in my Joanna Ho
acct. so that they are executable by other users, however, although i
have 711 permissions, it still lists under category :

-rwx--x--x--- 1 Joanna Ho None 540 Dec 21 22:09 ssh_host_dsa_key

im not sure if the "none" is a problem.  i can't change this "none" to
users i dont' think you can do this under xp.

any comments would be appreciated.


Re: multiple users sharing ssh_host keys on winxp wrote:
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Recall, SSH is designed to access a remote computer.  As such, there's
always the question, What is the OS and what are its rules for login?

To access remote systems login (eg:  joeuser@remotehost ) the logins are
typically one-word-tokens.  you might try "Joanna Ho"@remotehost, but I
doubt this will work.

The *keys need to be generated from the login on the source host.  If
you're using host authentication, then the trusted hosts will get
updated for the first access to the remote.  For key based
authentication, the *pub key needs to be loaded on the the remote host
to validate the pass-pharse properly.

Jeff B (remove the No-Spam to reply)

Re: multiple users sharing ssh_host keys on winxp

I wonder if you forgot to re-create the passwd file (normally C:\Program
Files\OpenSSH\etc\passwd)after creating your new ('unspaced') user
identity "joanna"? I mention this because I made the same mistake.

I am sure spaces in the user name are NOT a problem. I've been playing
on two windows machines, one XP Pro with a 'spaced' user name, and the
other on 2000 Pro with an 'unspaced' user name. Both work fine.

Jeff B wrote:
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