Multiple sshd instances

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I am trying to automate pushing code from dev to prod.  I currently
have sshd running with password auth and I cannot interrupt that
service.  My initial thought was to setup another sshd instance with
key auth only to automate pushing code live.  Is this possible?  If so,
are there any good docs online that could help with this?  Are there
any better solutions?

I am running the latest RHEL with all of the latest patches, etc...

Thank you in advance.


Re: Multiple sshd instances

Jim wrote:
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Why cant you just change the config file and restart sshd? Existing
connections should not be affected as they are separate processes.

Re: Multiple sshd instances

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That is true.  You can also just start *another* sshd with it's
own config file.  There's no rule that you can't have two sshds
running at once, only that they can't listen on the same port,
and you can set what port they listen on in the config file,
which in turn can be specified on the sshd command line.

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