MS Exchange - Port 135 with Putty/Plink tunnel

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I'm trying to give access to remote users via a ssh tunnel into our
corporate network.  I've managed to successfully setup tunnels  for other
services, but I cant seem to get exchange server to work.  All tunnels are
being made via the local address, which gets around a nasty with
Remote Desktop.

My only  problem is with Exchange Server.  I've got past it's dogy use
variable port numbers for the information store and directory services, with
a reg hack.  The problem I have is with port 135 which outlook starts it's
initial communication with the exchange server.

It appears that all telnet's to the 127.0.0.* network always reach my own
machine's RPC service and do not get redirected to the remote network with
or without the ssh tunnel running.

Does anyone know of a way to bypass this with Putty/Plink, or alternitavly
give me a way to for Outlook to use a different port than 135 on the client?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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