Mocana SSH on DRAC 4 card

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i'm trying to ssh into DRAC 4 on a dell 1850 box and so far haven't
been able to do so successfully. DRAC comes with built in Mocana ssh. i
tried openssh3.7.1/3.9.1 and ssh3.2.0 on SCO 5.0.7 as a client but the
connection breaks without obvious error messages. using GDB i was able
to determine that i'm getting a SIGPIPE when connection breaks. DRAC
web console does not allow me to change or see mocana ssh configs or
view log files that show sshd output. running ssh in high debug mode
(7,8 or 9) does not show much info either. here is gdb output:
program received signal SIGPIPE, Broken pipe
0x800429f1 in _r_write() from /usr/lib/

does anyone know what the problem could be?

Re: Mocana SSH on DRAC 4 card

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Some SSH implementations do things like that when they encounter packets
that they don't recognise.  What *exactly* did the debug output from OpenSSH

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All that tells us is that the server most likely abruptly disconnected
(or crashed).  It provides no clues as to why.

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