mindterm client <> ssh client

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dear all,

i have the following architecture:

Machine A --- Firewall -- Machine B --- internet --- external ftp site

Machina A is fedora core 3
Machine B is red hat 9

I would like to use ssh port forwarding in order to sit on Machine A
and type:

ftp 21

and get a login prompt from the external ftp site (through machine B)

the problem is: if i use the minderm java ssh client port forwarding
works nicely with ftp (both passive and active mode).

if i use the standard ssh client that come with fedora core 3 it works
with a lot of protocol but not with ftp.

i can imagine that this is related to the nature of ftp but my question is:
why mindterm do port forwarding with ftp but ssh client from the console

i tried option -g (man ssh) but nothing change...

i red about an ftp plugin in the mindterm client...but what is it exactly?


Re: mindterm client <> ssh client

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FTP is extremely portforward (and firewall) unfriendly: It embeds IP
addresses and port numbers in the control stream.

Some SSH implementations have code in them to specifically understand
the FTP protocol and react accordingly.  OpenSSH doesn't.

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That's probably what I mentioned above.

If your FTP client supports passive mode and SOCKS (or if you use
an external SOCKSifer such as "runsocks" or "socksify") then ssh's
DynamicForward should work.

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Re: mindterm client <> ssh client

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It is a port forward with a sepcial filter on top of it. This filter
understands the FTP protocol and opens/closes additional port-forwards as
neccessary. It also modifies the FTP command stream so that both ends
see the correct host/port combinations.

So by looking at and modifying the FTP command stream we can stear the
data streams into our tunnels.


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