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I would like , for specific users, to hav  them login via keys only,
never by passowrd. I build a new version of ssh to do thias as the
version on sles 9 is too old.  The server sees and recognises the
match (see partial logs below) , but does allow password login even
though the match correctly says passwordauthentication no. This is on
a sles9 server with openssh 4.7p1.

Can anyone spot an issue?

Server 4.7 :  Local version string SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.7
on sles 9 system
running on port 77 sshd -ddd -p 77 I get verbose output

When I use in sshd_config

Match User xxxx or match user xxx I get on the ssh server upon login

debug3: checking match for 'user leonardz' user leonardz host cn-r1-4
debug1: user leonardz matched 'User leonardz' at line 124
debug3: match found
debug3: reprocess config:125 setting RSAAuthentication yes
debug3: reprocess config:126 setting passwordauthentication no

after being prompted for a paassword at the client end I see:

debug1: do_pam_account: called
debug3: mm_request_send entering: type 47
Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for leonardz from port
56991 ssh2
debug1: monitor_child_preauth: leonardz has been authenticated by
privileged process
debug3: mm_get_keystate: Waiting for new keys

and I am logged in by password.

Re: Match user not working

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No, you're logged in by keyboard-interactive (via PAM).

Depending on what PAM is configured to do, keyboard-interactive may
or may not be a password (eg it could be a challenge/response token)
but sshd has no way to tell.  There's a warning to this effect in the
sshd_config(5) man page:

      Because PAM challenge-response authentication usually serves an
      equivalent role to password authentication, you should disable
      either PasswordAuthentication or ChallengeResponseAuthentication.

Unfortunately (for reasons of backward compatibility) you can't
set ChallengeResponseAuthentication in a Match block but you can set
KbdInteractiveAuthentication, which is the Protocol 2 method.  To prevent
your user from using Protocol 1 challenge-response, what you want to
do is:

ChallengeResponseAuthentication no
KbdInteractiveAuthentication yes
Match user whatever
    KbdInteractiveAuthentication no
    PasswordAuthentication no

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