make ssh log massword entered?

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Recently there has been dozens of ssh cracking on my site. They were not
real hackers because they simply tried to guess the passwords using all
kind of imaginable usernames, admin, webmaster, oracle. . . you name it,
but they were very patient, the log shows they worked on it for over an

While no harm is done, I'm interested in knowing what kind of passwords
they would guess. Is there a way to make ssh log the password entered?

Re: make ssh log massword entered?

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For an example, take a look at the old Alec Moffett written "crack" program.
I still use it or variants of it occasionally against sites that use the old
"crypt" style passwords, and consistently get about 10% of the passwords.

Re: make ssh log massword entered?

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Depends on what SSH software you're using.  For OpenSSH, no, there's no
way to make it log passwords unless you modify the code (although such a
modification is trivial, see auth-passwd.c:auth_password()).

Also be aware that even if you only log failures, there's a good chance
that someone's real password (eg for another service) or an almost-right
password will end up in that log.  That log would be another potential
problem if the box hosting it compromised (or if it's sent to a syslog
host, or...)

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