login_limit count bumped without failure

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login_limits are enabled. user ssh's to server machine. When the user
is asked for their passwd, but before they enter ANYTHING, we see on
the server that the login_limit failure count has already been
incremented by one.

This behavior is seen whether or not UsePrivilegeSeparation is set.

This behavior does not occur with telnet.

Any ideas?



(setup: openssh-3.7.1p2, Solaris 5.8. Believe it was seen also with

==> Server
wallace# ./login_limit | grep rgordon
rgordon: 0 Thu Jan 22 16:13:10 2004

==> Client

nepal<rgordon>39: ssh wallace
rgordon@wallace's password:

==> Server (before user has entered their passwd)
wallace# !!
./login_limit | grep rgordon
         rgordon: 1 Thu Jan 22 16:15:01 2004

Re: login_limit count bumped without failure


  Richard Silverman

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