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Hi all,

I am using Putty to SSH onto a win2k server.  Whilst on the server I
need to run telnet and rlogin from the command prompt/DOS shell.  This
is handled very well by PLink BUT is there any way to impliment
logging on Plink?  I know it works on putty and I can get putty
logging just fine but not PLink.

I have even tried getting plink to use a saved putty profile that
contains the settings about logging being on etc - still no log is

Any help VERY gratefully received.  Alternate suggestions for tools to
replace PLink or Putty that work instead are also welcome :O)



Re: Loggin within PLink

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The command I am using is plink -v -load test
the test in the commadn relates to a saved session called test that
has loggin enabled and set to C:\putty.log

Nothing is being logged at all and the file is not even created when I
run Plink with the above command.

if I run putty and load the test session is works fine.

Cheers all

Re: Loggin within PLink

Found this elsewhere on the web

run in dos prompt

cmd.exe /C plink hostname -pw yourpassword -l youruser any_command > c:

This will log to the logfile called putty.log

Hope it helps
There is no logging ability in plink at the moment other than the ssh
logging but that does not show session details

Re: Loggin within PLink

On Feb 14, 12:33 am, raycruicksh...@gmail.com wrote:
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OK ray thanks for your help mate - I will give it a try.

Also manage to do it by using plink.exe xxxxx xxxx xx  tee32 test.log


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