Log-in Failures and requirements for PubkeyAuthentication

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I'm trying to configure an OpenSSH 7.1p server on OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to us
e only PubkeyAuthentication. The server was built with `--without-ssh1`. Th
e configuration is partially successful. I can log-in, but other users cann
ot. I have it narrowed down to an interaction between authorized_keys and i
d_<type>.[.pub]. Now I am trying to understand what the requirements are.

Here's the short problem description (the longer one is below): If the user
's public key is in authorized_keys only, then log-in fails. If the public  
key is in authorized_keys and on the file system at id_<type>.pub, the log-
in succeeds.

Why are user failing to log-in when their public keys are only provided in  
authorized_keys? What are the requirements that I am missing?


Longer description...

Everyone has their public keys in their respective `.ssh/authorized_keys` f
ile. There are two differences between me and the other users. First, my `.
ssh` directory includes both `id_<type>` and `id_<type>.pub`. Second, my au
thorized_keys file includes all four key types, while others authorized_key
s only has the one public key they sent me.

If I delete my `id_<type>` and `id_<type>.pub`, and leave only the `.ssh/au
thorized_keys`, then I experience log-in failures, too. Here's what it look
s like:

    $ ssh -p 1522 jwalton@PowerMac
    Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).

I'm fairly certain I have observed the requirements of AUTHORIZED_KEYS FILE
 FORMAT from sshd(8).

My sshd_config validates with -T, and includes the lines:

  KbdInteractiveAuthentication   yes
  PubkeyAuthentication   yes
  PasswordAuthentication   no
  ChallengeResponseAuthentication   no
  PermitRootLogin   no
  AuthorizedKeysFile   .ssh/authorized_keys

I've been through sshd(8) and sshd_config(5), but I don't see requirements  
more than authorized_keys is needed.


From sshd_config(5):

        Specifies whether public key authentication is allowed.  The
        default is ``yes''.  Note that this option applies to protocol
        version 2 only.

        Specifies the file that contains the public keys that can be used
        for user authentication.  The format is described in the
        AUTHORIZED_KEYS FILE FORMAT section of sshd(8).
        AuthorizedKeysFile may contain tokens of the form %T which are
        substituted during connection setup.  The following tokens are
        defined: %% is replaced by a literal '%', %h is replaced by the
        home directory of the user being authenticated, and %u is
        replaced by the username of that user.  After expansion,
        AuthorizedKeysFile is taken to be an absolute path or one rela-
        tive to the user's home directory.  Multiple files may be listed,
        separated by whitespace.  The default is ``.ssh/authorized_keys

Re: Log-in Failures and requirements for PubkeyAuthentication

noloader@gmail.com writes:

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What type of keys are they? openssh 7.1 disables DSS keys by default, so
if the users' keys are of type ssh-dss then unless you enable these in
sshd_config (by adding the line "PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes +ssh-dss") the
users will not be able to connect.

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