localhost URL redirector?

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Hi, not sure who/where to ask for this and I have surfed around and not
found anything.

Via ssh, I often tunnel port 80 from my localhost to a web server on a
remote internal LAN. I am looking for a "URL redirector" which will
intercept specific URLs and map the URL's domain to an arbitary
localhost:port so that I can simply click on the URL (e.g. as an email
link) and it will automatically get intercepted and forwarded to a
pre-configured port on localhost and thus forwarded by ssh. I sometimes
have more than one ssh web-server forward in place so I need to be able
to map different domains to different localhost ports (and localhost:80
is a privileged port not available to me anyhow). I guess that a
Mozilla/Firefox extension/plugin would be a simple and convenient way to
do this?

Any of you fellow ssh users ever wanted something like this? What have
you come up with?

(For the single case of a simple map to localhost:80 on a windows box I
have simply mapped the URL host in the hosts file and this works fine).

Re: localhost URL redirector?

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You can do something like this with "dynamic forwarding".  Enable it
on, eg, port 1080, configure your web browser to use port
1080 as a SOCKS server and (optionally) put any servers you don't want
tunnelled into the browser's "no proxy for" list.  (If the tunnel/no
tunnel decision is more complicated than that you can write a proxy
autoconfig file in JavaScript).

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