Linux has bright future, if all Microsoft researchers are as dumb as this shithead

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A great gem from Microsoft's "security researcher", writing about how
online security measures cost too much.

``By instructing users to take measures against them (such as by
scouring URLs to make sure they lead to legitimate websites), we're
imposing a cost that is orders of magnitude greater than the problem
it addresses, he said.

For banks, the greater potential for damages comes not from a
phishing attack itself, but indirect expenses. (Microsoft researcher)
Herley used Wells Fargo as an example. He wrote that if a mere 10
percent of its 48 million customers needed the assistance of a company
agent to reset their passwords -- at about $10 per reset -- it would
cost $48 million, far surpassing Wells Fargo's share of the $60
million in collective losses.''

This "researcher" apparently does not realize that if people did not
scan their emails for bad URLs, the losses would be far higher than 60

No wonder that with researchers like that one, Microsoft leads the
world in security holes.


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