linksys cable/dsl router firmware upgrade vs openssh?

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Just a "head's up" that there appear to be problems making ssh
connections from behind a Linksys cable/DSL router after upgrading the
router's firmware above version 1.43.1.

One of my "data collection" computers, running FreeBSD 4.7 with
OpenSSH 3.4p1, is behind a linksys cable/dsl router.  This computer
runs a daemon that periodically "calls home" using an identity,
ssh-agent, and ssh version 1.

This morning the admin at the remote site upgraded the router firmware
(presumably to 1.45.6, but all I'm certain of "something above
1.43.1").  After the upgrade, and until the router was restored to
1.43.1, my computer was unable to call home.  In every other aspect
the router appeared to work normally.

When we attempted ssh directly (not using the identity and ssh-agent),
after several tries that timed out, we finally logged into a server.
But the behaviour was very odd: one example is when we slowly typed
the command "pwd<Enter>", pausing about 1 second between characters.
When we typed "p" nothing echoed.  But when we typed "w" the "p"
echoed; when we typed "d" the "w" echoed, etc.  Perhaps the router was
buffering our outbound packets ...

Anyway, I want to provide a data point in case others have similar


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