Limit which ports are forwarded ---- and thanks to all!

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First I want to thank everyone who's answered my previous posts.  I
almost have my home SSH setup the way I want.

The last (I hope) remaining question I have is about port forwarding.  I
know how to set this up, and have gotten it to work.   I'd like to limit
which ports get forwarded, however, since for my needs I only need one
or two.

What I've managed to find implies that this can be done, but only if
client authentication is being done via keys, and not via passwords.  Is
this correct?  For now I have chosen to use password authentication
since the clients will usually be moving around and may be on public
computers, where bringing along a key may be hard.  (I realize this
still leaves me open to possible password sniffers/key loggers and the

Thanks once again!

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