is this virtual hosting?

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I have one server machine that has a one static IP and is accessible
via the internet. I can ssh to this server. I also have several
machines on an internal network that are accessible through this
server. Some of my users own dedicated machines on the internal
network which they need to access via the internet. I'd like to set it
up so that when they ssh to the server, they automatically connect to
the machine which they own. For example when somebody does:


I want them to be connected to user1's machine on the internal
network. I have Linux RH 8.0 on all the machines.

How can I set this up?


Re: is this virtual hosting? (Kevin VW) writes:
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One way: set it up so that user1 has to connect to Port1, which if
forwarded to Host1; user2 -> Port2 -> Host2; etc.

Another way, as the user's shell have /usr/local/bin/, and
in that file do a "exec ssh user1_host". Then setup passwordless
entry to that host. This way a user only enters a password once, and
then it connected right away to the next host.

I'm sure there are others.

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