Install OpenSSH using Sun SSH

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I have been asked to determine whether the following is possible:

1) Remote connect to a Solaris 10 box using Sun SSH 1.1.3

2) Install OpenSSH 5.9 on the Solaris 10 box

3) Connect to the box using OpenSSH

4) Uninstall Sun SSH 1.1.3

So before I start....

Does anyone know if this is (im)possible ?

Does anyone think that this is (im)possible ?

I have found some info. about installing two different versions of
OpenSSH on the one box.

Brett Morgan

Re: Install OpenSSH using Sun SSH

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I can't remember if Solaris works the same way as Linux on this point,
but I think you'll have trouble getting the new SSH server to
establish a listening socket on port 22 while you still have a
connection open to port 22 talking to the old server. You may be able
to kill the master listening process of the old server while still
running a session through one of its children, but I suspect the new
one will refuse to start up, because it'll get EADDRINUSE when it
tries to bind to the SSH port.

You could work round that by temporarily running the new server on a
different port.
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