Importing PGP Key into Putty

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I've been trying to import my private GNUPG key into putty so I can use it
for public-key authentication. I exported the private key to a file
(private.asc), and scp'd it to my local machine. I then tried to use
puttygen to import the key (conversions-->import key). Every time, I get
the error "Couldn't load private key". I've read the docs and the faq, with
no luck. Any help would be appreciated!


Re: Importing PGP Key into Putty

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PuTTYgen is not currently able to import GnuPG or PGP keys. This is
largely because it hadn't occurred to me that anyone would want to -
what's the advantage compared to just generating a fresh key?

It makes obvious sense to be able to import keys in the formats used
by other SSH software, because you might have a server which is
_already_ set up to accept authentication with that particular key.
But I can't imagine any practical reason why you might want to
translate a GnuPG key into an SSH identity, unless perhaps you
trusted GnuPG's key generator more than you trusted mine.
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