I cant authenticate a chrooted user

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Hi all.

I try run this chroot-stuff for sftp, since I shall provide
ftp access to some users, who should be restricted to their directories.

what I did ...

I compiled openssh-3.9 four or five times using different patches
for session.c, always building this chroot environment with all the
libraries and its own directorie-tree. Most of them were dealing with
this magicpoint thing like "/./" and one of them wanted the chrooted
user to belong to a group like "shacc"

After all I tried out this scponly stuff, which seemed to work fine
since there is a setup_chroot.sh - shell-script building the chroot.

my problem ...

All attempts were leading to the same problem. I'm not able to authenticate
a chrooted user in any of this cases. Neither when using the private/public
key pair (one, that works fine for a not chrooted user), nor if trying the
password authentication, though I copied the passwd, shadow, group to his
/homedir/etc directory.
In this scponly-homepage, where they explain how this works, they say
the authentication-stuff will be done by openssh in the first step and than,
afterwards in the second step the user will be chrooted.

Hope somebody has a hint, how I can deal with this problem.

thanks in advance

Markus Berges

Re: I cant authenticate a chrooted user

markus berges wrote:
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Could you post your server and client debug messages for a chroot user.

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