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I would be grateful if someone could give me any hints of the problem
I am facing.
Working from home, I am trying to surf using my company's network
because they have subscribed to some services that work by checking
the client IP address. (services like online databases etc)
From home I have a different IP address and so I can not use these

I have managed to set SSH working with Outlook but could not do it
with Internet Explorer.

Is this possible or my company has to have a special server (eg in
case of email the smtp server) to handle http traffic?
(I am using an ADSL connection)

Many thanks..


Re: HTTP via SSH

You did not say what versions of SSH you're using.

If your SSH client and web browser have the requisite features, you can
try using a "dynamically" forwarded port as your SOCKS proxy (OpenSSH
"-D", "-L socks/...").  If not, you will need an HTTP proxy
(e.g. squid) at work and use static forwarding to reach that.

  Richard Silverman

Re: HTTP via SSH

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Even without SOCKS, if you're willing to modify the client, there's no
need for an HTTP proxy on the other end.


Re: HTTP via SSH

Hi, thanks for responding,

I have downloaded "SSH Secure Shell for Workstations" from I have the 3.2.3 version that does not have PKI and PKCS
#11 as it says.

It seems that you say that it is possible to do something like that.
The problem is that I only followed instructions to set it up step by
step via the windows interface and not the command like. I have just
added some IP address and a port in a Tunneling Tab in the profile set

Also I do not have any authority to change anything on the server
side. That side runs HP UNIX.

If you have any more understandable links, keywords that I can search
please mention anything.

Many thanks


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