Howto Execute a Command Remote?

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im try to exec. a command on remote site...lets take this example

ssh -i idendfily ip ls /home
this works fine...but when i try

ssh -i idendfily ip /home/ ( can be any bin.
then it does not exec. the command on the remote machine (its a server file)
any ideas how i can do this?
Thank you

Re: Howto Execute a Command Remote?

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Are you sure that the permissions of your binary are correct? You need
execute (and in case of a script also read) permissions to be able to
execute it. Does the binary run as expected if you log into the server
and execute it from a shell?


Re: Howto Execute a Command Remote?

if i execute it localy it works fine ..
i give an example...
screen -dmS test
Works: from local + from remote ssh with the
ssh -i key ip command option (a remote deattached screen window)

screen -dmS test /usr/bin/binofserver -parameter ss -parameter
Works: local (./ but does not work from remote
no failure comes back

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