How to start a daemons remotely using ssh

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Dear all,

First of all I am new to ssh and linux security however I just
encountered a problem where I would like to have access to Apache
daemon remotely.

I am thinking that using ssh to connect to the machine and then use
chkconfig to modify the status of the service would be correct way.

Please can you identify if this is the way it should be done? Are
there any risks in doing so? What should I consider if this is the
correct way (security)?


Re: How to start a daemons remotely using ssh writes:

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I'm gonna hazard a guest that perhaps you come from a Windows-centric
computing worldview?  :-)  Otherwise you wouldn't be so cautious about
the joys of the commandline  :-)

Thousands of people use remote ssh command line access for this sort
of administrative task every day, and have for many many years.
Generally speaking, GUI administration tools in *nix were a) added
much later in development, b) perhaps adornments of specific
distributions in the case of service start/stop/restart GUI's,and c)
they may simply modify config files and execute commands behind the

Security wise,  you often need to be root to do these config changes.
Just don't go enabling root login via ssh.   Login as your user
account, and use sudo (preferred) to do the commands you need as root,
or su -   to root to do what you need once you get in.  

As for your specific question about apache configuration,  I'll defer
to those who've set one up lately.  I have to plead ignorance of
chkconfig, but did want to give you general encouragement that there's
almost nothing you need to do administration wise in linux that can't
be done from the command line safely and often more easily than in a

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

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