how to connect to a server outside of network

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I am using PuTTTY within the same network at work and I have no problem
but if I want to connect to the server from my home computer I can
not...any idea?

Re: how to connect to a server outside of network

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Home software firewall may be blocking the outbound connection, or the
server may be behind a firewall such that it accepts inbound ssh
connections from a trusted list of networks/ip's.    Or many other
possibilities impossible to tell without further details.

Todd H. /

Re: how to connect to a server outside of network

shah wrote:
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I'm guessing that English is not your first language. ;-) It's not
completely clear if you are trying to access your home PC from work, or
a server at work from your home PC. It sounds like the latter. If that's
the case then there is probably a corporate firewall blocking access. If
there isn't then your network administrator is not doing his job!

Ask your network administrator if he can give you VPN software. That
will allow you to access servers behind the firewall from your home PC
just like being at work.  If he doesn't already have a VPN and would
like a good free one tell him to check out OpenVPN.

Todd suggested the problem may be your home FW. If that's the case most
likely when you try to use putty, it (the FW) would tell you that a
program is trying to make a connection to another server and give you
the option of allowing or denying the connection. I suspect the FW
causing the problem is actually on the other end of the connection and a
VPN is the best solution.

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