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OK I have a machine connected to the net running openssh through cygwin on
windows XP pro.  I have configured the firewall etc and can login correctly.

I now want to provide SCP access for up to 20 users (although this will
increase with time) and I was considering running a mail server as well.  Is
there any limitation as to how many users can login through ssh at once?
Also is there any limitation as to how many port forwards I can set up for
one login.  I.e. if I login as the admin I would like to be able to forward
POP3, SMTP, VNC and a few others.  Is this possible.

Also I am right in thinking that if everything was to go through ssh then I
would only have to open port 22 on the firewall to that machine to allow me
to access all of the above services.

Please excuse what are probably basic questions but I am new to all this.


Chris Lewis

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