How can I move/rename with a wildcard?

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I have an app which needs to connect to an FTP site, copy everything i

the inbox to the local machine, then move it all to the archive folde
on the FTP site.  I switched from PuTTY to OpenSSH so I could use th
*mget* command.  I then tried to *rename* all files in inbox to th
archive folder with a wildcard, but it was not accepted.

Is there a wildcard equivalent to *rename*, like *mget* is to *get*?

Can I use a wildcard copy followed by a wilcard delete?  I don't wan
to do it that way as it increases the chance of losing a file throug

I am generating the script as a batch, so I don't know what files ar
going to be in the inbox and so can't generate a list of renames fo
individual files.

Can anyone help me?

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Re: How can I move/rename with a wildcard?

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No; the current OpenSSH sftp program does not have this feature (and,
oddly, neither mput nor mget is documented...).

  Richard Silverman

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