How can I avoid running .bashrc?

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How can I avoid running .bashrc when I specify a command to be executed
*AND* use the -t option because the command needs tty semantics?

What I'd really prefer is to directly execute the command WITHOUT running
it through the shell at all.  I know that would mean either something else
has to parse the command string into tokens, or the command has to be
provided already broken into tokens.  But I guess that means extending
the SSH protocol so it can transfer the command as separated tokens instead
of a single string.

But for some reason, using -t triggers running the shell in interactive
mode as opposed to command mode.  Is ssh/sshd doing that or is the shell
detecting this and making an assumption?

If there was at least some environment variable set going into the shell
that would indicate a command is being provided on the command line, then
I could at least code the .bashrc to skip everything if that environment
variable is set.  But I did some tests and see nothing distinctive between
these cases.

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Re: How can I avoid running .bashrc? writes:

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Change the command so it does not require tty semantics.

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Or the command has to be written so that it does not need interpreting at

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Re: How can I avoid running .bashrc? schrieb:
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in the book "Adv. Programming in the Unix environment" second edition,
on page 694 a program pty is described (source code), with can be used
to connect a programm to a pty, i.e. fake a terminal to the command.
The chapter clearifys a lot of pty/tty miracles to me.

Maybe the same can be achieved by use of expect or tee, or just using
pipes for in/output, depends on the command. E.g. if it is passwd on
Solaris, it expect to have a stderr for the prompt "password:". Linux
seems to can use passwd without pty/tty.

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putty has an option for setting the terminal type, so there must be a
protocol specification for transfer the terminal (i thing telnet has
something to do that) and i wonder if putty does that manually. So save
the TERM, setting it to something special, which depends on your
programm and if it use termcap/termlib (in that case you must use a real
term definition, but you can import your own name and minimal termcap).

SSH 2 has the possibility to pass env, see the configuration parameters
in openssh:
SendEnv (ssh_config)
AcceptEnv (sshd_config)
also it must not be disallowed in the authorized_keys file.


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