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I need to set up a reverse SSH connection from office windows XP
computer to my Linux server at home. This has to be able to reconnect
automatically. Since I have a dynamic IP address from my ISP, I need
to be able to reconnect if my IP address changes on a weekend or
holiday (e.g. if my ASDL modem resets or something). The office
computer gets my new home IP address from a third party using "wget"
in a script -- that part is not a problem.

The problem is making the connection to a new IP. I can use Putty and
Pagent, but Putty does not have StrictHostKeyChecking=no --- so that
means that someone has to be at the work computer to type "yes"
whenever there is a new IP. I can use Cygwin and its SSH, but I can't
get the SSH-AGENT to work. As soon as I exit Cygwin, I can't get SSH-
ADD to connect to SSH-AGENT (I don't think that the SSH command can
connect either).   I need to run these things in the background (Putty
as a service using "srvany" or ssh using cron).  By the way, I haven't
got cygwin cron working either.

Should I download the Putty source code and try and add in the
StrictHostKeyChecking=no functionality, and then recompile it? I don't
know how hard this would be.


Re: Help: Automatic reverse SSH problem

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In the PuTTY development snapshots, the 'Connection' panel contains
a configuration option to set the logical name of the remote host,
for purposes of looking up the host key in its cache.

So if you set that, it should arrange that PuTTY expects the same
host key it already knows about, no matter what IP address it gets
it from.

(There is a really horrible way to do this in the 0.60 release as
well, actually.)
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Re: Help: Automatic reverse SSH problem


I do have one more problem. Is there some way to tell if Putty is
running and if not, then to restart it? In Unix I can do a ps -ef |
grep ssh  ...

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