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I installed Cygwin/X on my XP machine and now I am able to connect to a
remote UNIX machine with Putty: Putty asks for my username and password then
gives me an xterm terminal. From the terminal I can enter gnome-session to
start a graphical session so I am working on my 'own' desktop.
But what I saw on another PC (on which I have no rights; and it used Exceed)
is that it should also be possible to connect to the remote server without
Putty asking for a username and password, and to let me see the Gnome login
screen (like
instead of going directly to my desktop since I am already authenticated.

I hope I made clear what I mean, can anyone explain to me how to do this? I
played around with Putty's options (set XDM authorization instead of
MIT-Magic-Cookie), set 'Remote Command' to something else than "xterm" but
Putty keeps asking for my username and password before even executing that.

Thanks a lot


Re: Gnome login screen

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That would depend on details of the linux login programs, which I don't
know.  I presume that you could create a key for Putty that launches a
login program as that user.  Since it's running as that users, it
doesn't need to prompt for a user/pass.  But that's on the Linux side,
not the ssh side.

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You'll need to create a key pair, install the private key in Putty, and
put the public key in the right file on the linux machine (probably

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