deploy keis for individual products on a jenkins or gforge server

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Hi, folks!

It's been years since I was active on I still do backpor
ts of OpenSSH builds for current RHEL builds over at
del/nkadel-openssh-portable, and I've more recently published a new chroot  
cage building kit for rssh over at
ols. So I hope I still have some credit here for getting some help.

I've got a jenkins and gforge build servier to deal with, and I'd like to u
se individual SSH keys for individual projects to do builds. Since all the  
builds on the same server would be talking to, it's easy to set  
up a single key in the ~gforge/.ssh/config to use one key for B
ut it's not easy to use the same read-only "deploy" key this way for multip
le projects: prevents the use of the same "deploy" key for multi
ple repositories, and trying to stuff distinct keys for individual github.c
om projects into $HOME/.ssh/config would mean playing DNS CNAME or /etc/hos
ts games to provide a different apprarent alias for each project

I really, really do not want to do that!!

Has anyone gotten Jenkins or Gforge to activate only a single SSH key for a
 single project, gracefully, so I can use deploy keys this way w
ithout touching $HOME/.ssh/config? I'm thinking I can set up GIT_SSH wrappe
rs for individual keys, but that could also get pretty odd pretty quickly.


Re: deploy keis for individual products on a jenkins or gforge server

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Well, not an answer to your actual question, but AFAIK you don't need to
do that, i.e. have unique mappings server -> private key. You should be
able to simply have multiple IdentityFile option settings, with the
client trying them in sequence. You still need to store the keys of
course, and I believe there will be some delay in the authentication
procedure as the keys are tried, but it may be acceptable.

--Per Hedeland

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