Getting XMing to play nicely with Putty

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I've recently been asked to look at an X server called Xming, and its
little launchable XML file generator called XLaunch, and get it to
play nicely with SSH and X Windows on Linux servers. All this is fine,
but the little launchable widgets seem pretty insistent on using PLink
and starting up a local, hardcoded X server for each application, and
starting an X server for each launchable desktop item.

This is, of course, insane for a number of reasons. You can't launch
two of the same icon because they have the same hardcoded X server
setting, and they don't seem to share nicely if a server is already
running. If anyone has good hooks for how to do that better, let me

I'd love to be able to hand people selectable Putty based icons to
basically do the same thing: let them use whatever X server they wish,
and use Putty to manage connections and start X commands. But I've
never really learned how to create scriptable, distributable Putty
objects, and it looks like it's really based on storing information in
a local Windows registry. Is there a way to provide an easily
distributed Putty configuration, something that uneducated users can
click on on their desktop and get the remotely served Linux based
software GUI, especially for tools like nfs4-acl-tools or system-
config-kickstart or Matlab?

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