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I would like to give  a limited set of users ssh access to specific
internal hosts, from arbitrary external systems, via a gateway host.
A setup I came up with is:

* On GW host, have one (or more) gw accounts with a password.
* For every ssh user, in GW account on GW host:
** create a passphrase-protected key
** On each host they need to connect to:
*** copy key to their authorized_keys file

Each user should only be able to ssh into  the GW host , then ssh to
one of their allowed hosts by specifying their keyfile.

- Can I forbid password authentication from the GW host to the
internal hosts, but still allow it between two internal hosts? It
doesn't seem that PasswordAuthentication can appear in a Match
- Can I  forbid port forwarding to/from the GW, or at least require
use of a key rather than the password?
- Is this whole approach pointless, and should I be doing something
completely different?  The need is for a reasonably simple procedure
with as little as possible required on the remote end; it's acceptable
to need setup and preparation on the GW and/or internal systems.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Gateway host configuration

I am assuming OpenSSH in the following.

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It can but it was only added in version 4.6.  Which version are you

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Set "AllowTcpForwarding no" in the gateway's sshd_config.

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If your gateway host supports it you could also use user-based packet
filter rules to restrict where you users can connect to, for example
"user <foo>" rules in PF or --uid-owner rules in iptables.

This would control all outgoing (and incoming) connections not just
those made by ssh.

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You're welcome.

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